While at Lollapalooza, Erykah Badu Reveals Details On... A New Jewelry Line? Sure.

Erykah Badu was in Chicago this past weekend, performing at Lollapalooza and donning a brand new, blonde mohawk to boot. While there,

Billboard caught up with Ms. Badu for a little chat

. And it's kind of a revealing one--not quite, say,

"Window Seat" revealing

, but, hey, they can't all be that close to the bone. Still, Badu was willing to touch on that topic in the above clip: "It was a shocking thing I did," she admits about halfway through the interview. But the point, as we already knew, was to get the word out on "groupthink."

More revealing than that news is this news: Badu's keeping up her recent uptick in video direction, and, as she tells Billboard, she'll also soon offer up a career-spanning documentary. And, beyond that, she'll also soon be debuting a new jewelry line--her first--called Funktional Art. Either in late August or early September, a few pieces will be made available for purchase at boutiques in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and, of course, right here in Badu's hometown of Dallas. Said Badu to Billboard about the new venture:

"It's the beginning of a new thing for me," she says of the jewelry line. "I'm working with different designers to come up with things that fit me and fit the fans who support me and fit the women who feel free and can fly."

We've got calls into Badu's people to find out where the jewelry will be available for purchase, and we'll pass along that word soon as we get it.

Meanwhile, don't expect this to be the end of the line for Badu. In her closing quote with Billboard, Badu vows that she's just getting started:

"I am here to stay, a staple, a midwife. I feel like this is the beginning for me, so I don't know what's next."

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