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Wild Light's Seth Pitman Checks In Re: Getting Robbed In Dallas

Yesterday, we mentioned an item we came across that said that the members of the New Hampshire-based Wild Light were robbed in Dallas when the band stopped through to play Club Dada. Today, Wild Light multi-instrumentalist Seth Pitman checks in to explain what happened.

"Getting robbed in Dallas capped off about two weeks of bad luck on our first US tour ever supporting Tapes 'n Tapes," Pitman says. "[Guitarist] Jordan [Alexander] and I got hit the hardest--cameras, computers, iPods, GPS, you name it. This guy took everything, and all within an hour before sunrise. I found my sunglasses beneath the wreckage, all busted up and missing one of the lenses, and I thought, 'That is exactly how I feel.' 

"What sucks the most is that there was really nothing we could do about it. Though I admit I did experience a sort of dark exhilaration from it as well. Being on tour strips you of every layer of familiarity and comfort you are usually accustomed to, and losing years of work and personal stuff like that makes the whole experience that much more intense. I returned from tour a shadow of my former self, but to be honest, I think that can be good for you. Keeps you honest, I guess. Though I do miss all my music."

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