Will Johnson Helps Pen An Obama Song -- And It's A Free Download.

Will Johnson says everything will be just fine. (Matt Pence)

Yeah, Robert already mentioned this over on Unfair Park (you can take the man out of the music editor gig, but you can't take the music editor gig out of the man, I guess), but it's certainly something worth mentioning over in these parts: Will Johnson has joined forces with the creators of the three-disc package Of Great and Mortal Men, a collection of songs about each and every one of our nation's presidents; the Centro-matic frontman helped pen the latest in the series, a song about Barack Obama called "Someone to Wake". You can download the song here, on NPR's web site, where you can also learn the pretty interesting story behind the Mortal Men creators.

And, yes, you can read about the creation of this song, too: "Because I didn't have an actual presidency to write about, the only thing I could write about was his effect on people," says series creator Christian Keifer.

It's a five-minute song, with, yes, a little bit of a focus on the past eight years--Obama doesn't show up until the three-minute mark. The refrain of Obama's arrival: "Everything will be just fine, everything is alright."

Will it? Hope so. This song certainly helps.

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