Wishes Come True in Dallas

Who says wishes don't come true? Last year, as I thought what could I do more of in this town in the new year, a few things came to mind. A Riff Raff live performance. Check, thank to March's South by So What bill. A late-night coffee option where I could pretend to get a little work done. Well, look no further than East Dallas' charming new town square, Mudsmith on Greenville Avenue. And I wanted some more things I can hold in my hands, more things that you wonderful people have made.

Friday night started around such a thing. Semigloss, the regional arts publication focusing on North Texas artists helmed by Dallas favorite, Sally Glass, is one of those wishes I can hold in my hand. Semigloss is finding its footing quickly as a voice in the arts discourse in North Texas, a niche Glass and crew is boldly filling one publication at a time.

Joining together at The Goss-Michael Foundation, wine was sipped and banter was had as we meandered through Bryan Adams EXPOSED exhibition and found our way to SUSAN/ELIZABETH, an exhibition curated by: (wo)manorial + Kevin Rubén Jacobs. A beautiful night of both people and aesthetics, and a pleasant reminder for those taking the risk of making something: If you build it, they will come.

A different kind of celebration would be going on at Strangeways, where a regular who's who of Dallas DJ's was gathered to celebrate and pour a little out for beloved Detroit producer, J. Dilla. On the decks were organizer JT Donaldson, Tyron Smiley, Brandon Ayala, Jay Clipp, Sober and recent Red Bull Thre3style winner DJ A1. Special guest and Detroit DJ Waajeed made a notable pit stop as a guest at Thursday's Big Bang party before taking control of the tables at Friday's shindig.

It was the perfect night to run into the Dallas hip-hop glitterati in a laid-back back setting, underscored by those affecting Dilla beats. Musicians, artists and managers roamed the crowd trading drinks and love, as folks shouted out above conversations, "Oh, this track is my favorite...No! This one is!"

And because the luckiest nights in town must end with a kiss, a last call at Mattie Stafford's and CJ Demarx' "Fall In Love at Fallout Lounge," now at Sandaga 813 was the place to go. I walked in, was immediately handed a jello shot with a sweet little vodka-soaked gummy bear in the bottom and kissed the cheeks of the familiar faces a six year tradition brings. And then I made just a few more wishes. I suggest you do the same, Dallas appears to be in the business of granting them.

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