Yesterday at NX35: The Uptown Bums at Andy's Bar

BAND: The Uptown Bums
VENUE: Andy's Bar
TIME: 8:30ish p.m.

It was quite fitting to see Ian MacDougall, rhythm guitarist for the Riverboat Gamblers, overlooking The Uptown Bums' set at Andy's Bar last night, the first performance at the venue in the third of four NX35 dates.

Sure, MacDougall and the Gamblers were headlining Andy's bill on this night, but it made sense beyond that: Along with likeminded Denton punk acts The Wax Museums and Bad Sports, The Uptown Bums are carrying the torch that the Gamblers lit in its earlier days in Denton. Just like the Gamblers, these acts have cut their teeth in the Denton house party circuit and, just now it seems, they're starting to break out beyond that scene, playing venues and shows like this one.

And you'd better believe they're ready for this spotlight: The Uptown Bums' set at Andy's was fast, peppy and, above all, catchy. The 50 or so people who'd shown up to Andy's to take in the set bounced along with the Bums' beat and fun, if not necessarily original, sound. Sure, at times, things were a little sloppy on the band's part, but, for the most part, it was an exciting effort.   

As coming out parties go, this might not have been the most formal. But for a band worth keeping an eye on in the future, it was more than sufficient.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.