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Zorch and B L A C K I E at Good Records, 8/1/13: Review

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Indeed, the DIY ethos governs this whole tour. It's free to get in, as every night of the tour has been. Zorch are giving away whiskey with all merch purchases (obviously) and selling randomly-assembled mixtapes for $3 each. They look like men who have spent the last week in a van, but are delighted with their lives. The whole setup is so goddamn endearing that it's a struggle not to be totally delighted.

It's not, as my esteemed editor standing beside me pointed out, the usual in-store performance either, as you'd expect bands playing in a record store to be. Everything stops, the lights go down, some sort of weird laser show combined with a psychedelic backdrop generated by a man frantically scratching at an iPad starts up, and Zorch, who have obviously been assembling all their own equipment, lasers, and PA, give a performance that's more an awesome gig that happened to be in a record store than an in-store promotion type thing. Zorch outgrow the record store from the second the lights go down, and the only real reminder that you're in a record store until the end of the gig is the fact that it seems like there are a lot of places to lean, but these places are actually where valuable records are sticking up, so you're out of luck.

It's an utterly impossible to comprehend tour-de-force. a confusing yet compelling assault of the senses, and another winner for local booker Parade of Flesh, whose association with Sargent House (one which has brought through Bosnian Rainbows and Zechs Marquise from the same label recently) continues to produce success after success. I urge you to go and see Zorch and B L A C K I E in Denton tonight. It won't be like the normal gigs you attend, even if those are $5 cover punk gigs at a dive bar. It'll be nothing like that. You won't soon forget it.

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