9 Tales From Texas' Infamous Towing Watchdog — And Overpass Rock Thrower

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6) Unproven Claims of Corruption Against Judges
In Johnson's world, the towing conspiracy extends into the judiciary and any ruling against the towed becomes evidence of this plot.  For example, he wrote a post targeting Dallas County JP3 Al Cercone, urging his readers to avoid Cercone’s court after he “showed his true color” when he declined to hold Longhorn Wrecker responsible monetarily in a tow hearing judgement. “This is corruption all way through,” he wrote in September 2013. “This Judge has turned his court into a money making machine for towing companies. [He] accepts bribes disguised as campaign donation from criminal enterprises disguised as towing companies.”

7) Border Patrol Agent vs. Tow Truck Driver

An armed border patrol agent caught a wrecker driver who was attempting to enter the agent’s government-issued unmarked truck at the agent’s apartment complex, Johnson posted on his blog. The wrecker driver’s passenger began “talking shit, threatening to kick [the agent’s] ass” until the border patrol agent reveals he’s an agent, and “all three of them start hollering.” As the wrecker driver lifts up the agent’s truck, the agent drew his firearm and ordered him to drop the vehicle. At this critical moment, the police arrive.  

“According to Agent Morales (first name not given) McAllen PD knew the wrecker driver to have outstanding felony warrants for his arrest and placed him [in] custody,” Johnson writes. “It was later learned that the wrecker driver had been stealing vehicles for quite sometime and was on parole.”

8) Violent Resistance to the ISIS-like Towing Industry 

Johnson wrote about the best way to deal with a predatory tow truck driver in late May. “The only solution to put a stop to a predatory tow truck driver is through the use of force, rather it be deadly force or a violent beating,” he said. He recommended setting your alarm clock for 4 a.m. to catch the predators roaming apartment complexes’ parking lots as they search for their next prey. “Every large city in Texas is under assault by predatory tow companies to inflict harm in the same manner as ISIS,” he wrote in May 21 post.
9) Tow Truck Driver Beaten by Long Haul Truckers

On May 16, 2014, Johnson spun a yarn from the front lines of the trucking wars. A long-haul trucker caught a tow truck operator inside her 2013 Kenworth, attempting to put the truck in neutral. A fight ensued and the police were called. “Before they arrived, this rig owner and several other truckers gave him a good ass whipping,” he claimed. “Turns out the guy driving the tow truck didn’t even have a driver’s license, much less a TDLR tow truck operator’s license.”   
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