A Bad Day for the Bagel: Einstein Bros. Looks to Expand in Dallas-Fort Worth

I am forever trying to answer that age-old question: Why can't Dallas do Jewish delis? (I know, I know: Fort Worth can. Houston too. Not us though. Nope.) I've asked around; I've read David Sax's book; I've consulted the Talmud. But perhaps I've found the simple answer: People can't get enough of the bland circle of bread that passes for bagels at Einstein Bros.

Reports Fast Casual today, Einstein Bros. is opening new franchise territories in a handful of markets, among them Denver, Atlanta, D.C. and, swell, Dallas-Fort Worth. Says The Man in Charge, "We want to be the fastest growing fast casual restaurant chain in America, and with the innovative programs we've initiated, that goal is well within reach." Does this mean I gotta drive out to Boopa's? I guess this means I gotta drive out to Boopa's, whose owner Holly Pils tells Unfair Park, "It's a sad, sad, sad day that there's more of those opening. Our customers are definitely anti-Einsteins."

On a very related note, anyone watch Community last night? Genius.

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