Me, I've been opposed to every Bond election since Sean Connery stepped down. But I do think Daniel Craig is an interesting choice.

A Bonding Experience

Dallas' Only Daily is in the midst of running one of its occasional series of stories, with this particular package aimed at explaining (and, let's face it, pimping) the $1.35 billion bond package to voters. (The paper ran an editorial at the end of September supporting all 12 propositions.) Turns out, it's probably unnecessary: Either people are completely for the bond package or they don't give a damn about it, because, far as bond supporters can tell, there's not a whiff, a suggestion, the barest hint of opposition out there. There's a Vote Yes! group supported by the city's richest folks, but no sign of a No Way! faction.

That's what it says in this morning's subscription-only The Bond Buyer: "Less than three weeks before Dallas voters are to decide on the city's largest bond package in its history, no political action groups have filed notices with the city clerk's office that they intend to oppose the 12-part bond package at the November 7 election." And, frankly, even though The Dallas Morning News ran a similiar piece on September 29, that stuns the folk running Vote Yes! It's Our Future.

"It's pretty remarkable that there is no organized opposition, especially considering it's $1.35 billion and more than twice the size of any other city bond issue," Betty Mayad of Vote Yes! It's Our Future told The Bond Buyer. "We occasionally talk to someone who doesn't like the Cotton Bowl project or some other aspect, but never all 12 parts. Usually you expect to see newspaper letters to the editor opposing the bond package, but we haven't even had that so far." In the same story, Vote Yes!'s consultant and coordinator Carol Reed says her group expects to spend $750,000 getting the word out aout the election; the last thing they want is for someone to vote for a few propositions while ignoring the others. "We're spending a good amount of our budget on radio ads telling the voters they gotta go all the way to the end," Reed says.

In case you haven't read the bond package, you can do so here. Maybe you'll find something to get mad about it, but I doubt it. In fact, I got $1.35 billion that says you're just fine with it. --Robert Wilonsky

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