Mark Graham
He will survive? Randall Dunning of Garland, who's got some especially interesting ideas about gummint.

A Candidate Too Nutty For God's Sugar Daddy? How's That Possible?

In some circles San Antonio businessman James Leininger is known as God’s Sugar Daddy because of his penchant for supporting Bible-thumping far-right candidates. So it was no surprise, really, that Leininger was backing the candidacy of Garland’s Randall Dunning in the run-off for a seat in the state House of Representatives, District 112.

Well, something scared Leininger off, because word comes today that Leininger has withdrawn his support of Dunning. Maybe it was the fact that Dunning has a compound-like fortress on his property, complete with an underground bunker and radio towers. Or maybe it was his alleged ties to the Republic of Texas, a militia-like group that wants to secede from the U.S. But if we had to guess, we’d say it was Dunning’s oft-repeated refrain that his goal as an elected official is to destroy government from within. --Jesse Hyde


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