A Cry for Help?

So. This morning, while doing a very occasional search of Craigslist's "rants & raves," I came across this "freakin rant" posted at 5 a.m. today by someone claiming to be mentally ill, unemployed, broke and suicidal in downtown Dallas:

So I've decided I'm going to kill myself.

Not make a big deal about it, just ... END this.

I am SO freakin tired of being SO DAMNED ALONE...I know I'm useless. I know I'm a pain in the ass. I know I'm nothing but problems. And I'm TIRED of trying and failing at EVERYTHING I do.

If anyone wants some cats, look to the Dallas shelters this coming weekend. I have tried to contact just about every rescue org out there, and no one will take them in. So I've failed them, too. But if I got kicked out of here, they'd be in the same position -- homeless, just like me.

And, yes, while I am perfectly aware that this could be a well-crafted fiction, in the words of Andrea Grimes this morning, "It's better to post it than not, because what if it's real?" --Robert Wilonsky


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