You can't be Sirius: Mark Cuban won't host a satellite radio show after all.

A Cuban Sandwich

Didn't know till today that Mark Cuban's also in the hotel business. Only, it's not here. Not even close. Try his native Pittsburgh (he grew up in Mt. Lebanon, a suburb). Says in the subscription-only Pittsburgh Business Times that a development firm there called Walnut Capital is getting into the downtown hotel business there, and that in January, Walnut Capital "teamed with billionaire Mount Lebanon native Mark Cuban, who owns the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, to buy a nine-story building Downtown on Fort Duquesne Boulevard formerly occupied by the Easter Seals of Western Pennsylvania that has long been considered as a potential hotel."

Oh, and on BlogMaverick, Cuban explains just what happened to that proposed Sirius satellite show, which ain't gonna happen; something to do with the NBA being run by short-sighted, proprietary douchebags, or maybe I just read it wrong. Also, you can find out where Mark eats lunch on Sundays, poor guy. Oh, and Nellie says Cubes owes him six million bucks in Ross Perot Jr.'s money. Might take him to court, which would be a shame. They seemed like such good friends. --Robert Wilonsky

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