A Culbreath of Fresh Air, Vanished

You know what's odd? Yesterday, we linked to City Plan Commission chair Betty Culbreath's blog, where she wrote on Wednesday about the possible reasons behind the Dallas Housing Authority's decision to get rid of CEO Ann Lott. In her post, Culbreath wrote that she knows "for a fact a Professional planning and zoning consultant was hired by the DHA" to look at Little Mexico, which the city wants to sell. She said she "wanted to know how a Planner could be hired for property that belong to a Public body that had no plans to develop it." She called for an FBI investigation into the matter and threatened to file a lawsuit "on behalf of the Taxpayers to protect the residents."

But if you go to Ms.BettyPolitic today, the post is gone. Like it never happened. We've tried to reach Culbreath repeatedly to find out why the post is gone, but we've have had no luck; she also hasn't responded to Unfair Park's e-mails. Surely some conspiracy theorists will offer their own accounts of why Mayor Laura Miller's appointee to the Plan Commission has deleted the post. Us, we're just sayin'. Nothing more. Just sayin'. --Robert Wilonsky

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