A Dickey Move as She Tells Jenkins, "I Don't Call You a Sock Puppet Like Everyone Else Does"

For those who haven't seen the full exchange between Dallas County Commissioners Maurine Dickey and John Wiley Price and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins over the termination of former Homeland Security director Lisa Chambers, here 'tis courtesy KTVT-Channel 11. Jenkins, for those who missed it, says he fired Chambers for drinking too much (at a July 4 party) and for "loafing." Chambers has denied each and every allegation in an interview with Unfair Park and continues to insist that her firing had to do with that bug sweep at Dapheny Fain's she refused to sign off on, not to mention other irregularities she was looking into at the time of her firing.

Says Chambers, referring to an angry, late-night email she sent county officials: "I think they didn't know what they were doing, because an email like that -- calling them out on something very serious -- how do you defend yourself against that? 'Well, that person's crazy.' It's a smart way to deflect -- get her thinking she's got the problem."

We'll get to more of that later. But why wait? Here's the video, chock full o' ... highlights.

In related news, here's a new Tumblr: Dallas County Corruption, its look inspired by, among others, Saul Bass. Chambers says she has nothing to do with it.

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