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A Doc About Denton's Music Scene? Hell, Yeah, Sounds Awesome...In Your Dreams.

If there had been a Denton rock doc, Lift to Experience would have totally been in it.

Whilst touting Robert Gomez's rave in Mojo on Monday, we linked to the former Latin Pimp's Web site and noticed an intriguing nugget tucked away in his bio: "A documentary film called This Is Denton, inspired by the music of Lift to Experience, Midlake, Jetscreamer, Robert etc is currently being produced." The same info turned up again this week in press materials Bella Union's sending out with advance copies of Gomez's third album, Brand New Towns, which is due at the end of March.

This Is Denton was news to us, but, hey, sounds like a great and overdue idea. So, of course, we had to know more. Only, turns out there's no more to know: There is no such documentary called This Is Denton.

Now, there probably was one in the works at some point in the distant past, but at the present, nope, not so much. And this bit of no-news-is-bad-news news comes directly from the lips of Simon Raymonde, the former Cocteau Twin who, with Robin Guthrie, is co-owner of Bella Union, the label to which Robert Gomez and Midlake are signed and to which Lift to Experience was signed. (Well, actually it comes from Brendan Gilmartin, the New York-based publicist who talked to Raymonde about the doc when Unfair Park started asking, like, what's the deal and shit.)

"It was a documentary being talked about going into production," Gilmartin reports. "I don't know who was doing it. But it never happened. It made it into the bio and press release because Bella Union had gotten wind of it, though they're a little unclear how. Simon said, 'Yeah, it was something somebody here was being told about, and we all were waiting for more information, and then it just disappeared.' Simon did know it definitely wasn't happening." So, guess this isn't This Is Denton after all. --Robert Wilonsky

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