A Famous Pro Athlete in a Local Topless Bar? Say It Ain't So!

Say this about the New York Post: That newspaper will suck every last drop out a juicy story. Like yesterday's "Stray-Rod" story, for instance, about the NY Yanks' third baseman and his "mystery blonde" frequenting Toronto nudie bars. Today it gets a hard-hitting follow-up in which it's revealed that Alex Rodriguez has also been spotted in at least one Dallas "high-end strip club" in recent weeks, as well as other not-spots, with the same lady or someone who looks like her. Guess Alan Peppard ain't on that phone tree.

Us, we really don't give much of a crap about A-Rod's personal life -- or Tony Romo's, for that matter. To be honest, we're only mentioning it this a.m. for two reasons: One, we love the front page of yesterday's Post; "best headline ever," proclaimed one journalism-biz best Friend, who loves her some BoSox. And two, as the Texas Rangers are still paying Rodriguez several mil for the next few years, we oughta get some enjoyment out of the guy. It's not like the last-place Rangers are providing any. --Robert Wilonsky

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