Nine-year-old Kashia has been part of the Central Dallas Ministries' after-school program for four years. And she loves it.

A Feel-Good Follow to a Feel-Good Story

A few weeks ago, we ran a story about the great work Central Dallas Ministries is doing among the poor in parts of West and South Dallas. The story focused on an after-school program the nonprofit runs at Turner Courts, which is known as one of the worst housing projects in the city.

The after-school program is partly supervised by two women who live at Turner Courts, and this is part of the philosophy that guides CDM: Where possible, the non-profit seeks to have people from the neighborhoods they're serving (a term CDM chief Larry James avoids) run their programs. When someone goes in to the CDM food pantry on Haskell, for example, they are asked not only what they need, but also when they could come and work in the pantry.

Spend some time at the food pantry or the after-school academy at Turner Courts, and you will be inspired by people working hard to make their communities better. Or check out this video CDM recently posted on its Web site, which tells the story of Kashia, one of the girls who attends the Turner Courts after-school program. --Jesse Hyde

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