A Game of "Pick-Up Poker"? Depends. Let's Go to the Lawsuit, Shall We?

Pick-Up Poker, Inc. is a Dallas-based company incorporated last December that plans on leasing players "furnished poker rooms ... at very inexpensive rates" (a dollar per every 15 minutes) and on "a pseudo-nonprofit basis," whatever that means. At least, that's what Pick-Up Poker says in its lawsuit against the state of Texas and the city of Dallas, which you'll find on Courthouse News.

So, why the suit? Because Pick-Up Poker doesn't want to get popped for running an underground poker game; hence, the first strike, in which Pick-Up Poker lays out its business plan in some detail for those so interested. Courthouse News also summarizes for the would-be Brunson who wants to know how, exactly, this isn't an underground game:

It will not charge $5 to $100 a hand, as "illegal, underground card rooms" do; it will not charge $3 to $5 per hand as online poker sites do; it will protect players from robbery by providing security, holding the players' cash or checks, and barring expensive watches or jewelry. It says its president's salary will be capped at 130% of its highest paid manager's wages. It will "never provide comps or loans or extend credit to players. ... (I)t will not sell alcoholic beverages."

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