A Good Records In-Store That Sounds Great

Since this seems to be a real musical holiday 'round Unfair Park, might as well link you to this: yesterday's Good Records in-store featuring Kevin Barnes, from Of Montreal. I was gonna go to the free 3 o'clock shindig, but couldn't seem to get myself out of the house. Turns out, didn't need to: LullaByes has posted the entire set, and the damned thing sounds like it was made for official release. (Which means you'd best snag that sucker right quick.)

The whole thing's wonderful, but I'm partial to the Beatles ("I Will") and Neil Young ("Harvest Moon") covers. (Always did like Of Montreal's "Can't Explain" redo.) There's also a brand-new Of Montreal track: "Something to Be Laughed At," which isn't at all. The thing's sad. "You make me so blurry inside." Yeah, that kind of sad. And Unfair Parker Noah Bailey mentions that during Barnes' set, Daniel Johnston wandered in to buy some DVDs, including Ed Wood, a season of the Brady Bunch and two different versions of The Wizard of Oz. And pretty much no one noticed. --Robert Wilonsky

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