A Help the Homeless Week Tale

I don't know much about Robert Edwards, save for what I read here, where he lists his interests as "Poetry and the Supernatural." But he's also a regular contributor to Associated Content ("The People's Media Company," right on), where he posted his account of a Tuesday-night scuffle outside the Day Resource Center, which Mayor Tom's considering opening as a nighttime shelter for folks sleeping in the First Presbyterian Church's parking lot at Harwood and Young streets.

Writes Edwards, the fight broke out between two homeless men who discovered they were dating the same women. Dallas police broke it up and didn't arrest anyone, which irks Edwards. He writes: "The Police officer told the two men about how to 'hussle' goods from a pawn shop legally, also told them that they should rent out a storage space to keep merchandise that they need to sell and he also encouraged them to get back in school to learn a trade and get a career." Sounds like the officer's just getting in the Help the Homeless Week spirit to me. --Robert Wilonsky

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