A Killer Abroad

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Time was, she says, that the only mental picture she could summon of her deceased sister was one burned into her memory during that long ago trial in Philadelphia. "All I could ever see was Holly lying dead in that trunk," she says. "But now, after a lot of therapy and passage of time, things are different. When I think of her now, I see her alive and laughing, pretty and happy. And that helps a great deal."

No longer do thoughts of Ira Einhorn monopolize her life. Retired from a career in nursing, she helps her husband, a financial administrator at UT-Arlington, tend the quarter horses they raise and show, and she serves on the board of a Fort Worth women's shelter.

She also delights in the simple pleasures of watching her own children grow. There is son Ian, 12, born shortly after her father's death. And a 16-year-old daughter. Named Holly.

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