If you must protest, at least provide a decent soundtrack -- today's has Nathan Berg, at top, and the Halliburton(s)

A Little Funk and Folk With Your "Bush Lied" Chants This Afternoon

Might be a little commotion and congestion around Dealey Plaza this afternoon, beginning around 4: There's a "Five Years TOO Long" peace rally scheduled till 6:30 p.m. -- though, truth be told, hard to tell if this anti-Iraq War get-together, one of hundreds planned nationally on this fifth anniversary, is protest or variety show. Because in addition to such speakers as Tunde Obazee, Camp Wisdom United Methodist Church's Rev. Charles Stovall and Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace contributor Doug Zachary , there'll also be a little music. And some theater. Lovely -- bring a blanket and some cheese, maybe.

The kinda-Morphine-y, kinda-Kravitz-y Nathan Berg and the Halliburton(s) (motto: "fuelling folk funk resistors everywhere") and Drums Not Guns (motto: "Stopping Violence thru the power of percussion") got themselves beautiful weather for a downtown gig -- sunny and 65. (Among the Halliburton(s)'s songs: the pretty danged good "Lick Bush.") Also performing: the high-school students of longtime local activist and writer John Fullinwider, who will offer a “Top 100 Bush Lies” skit. I can probably guess the first one. --Robert Wilonsky

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