A Maple Falls

Maple Terrace "is dead." Said so in The Dallas Morning News: "Trammell Crow Co. has halted efforts to construct condominiums in Dallas' historic Maple Terrace building and develop an adjoining high-rise because sales did not meet expectations." This will not come as a shock to, oh, Andrea Grimes, who was obsessed with the project in April and May; she might even say so herself were she here this morning, but, alas, it falls to me to remind you of what she said two months back: The transformation from apartments to condos was not going smoothly, and people who lived in the joint were upset about the whole ordeal. Read her item, but here's a small taste:

"'The condo-conversion intention resulted in terrible treatment of the existing tenants,' one recently vacated tenant wrote to Unfair Park. She's moved into Maple Terrace two separate times, first in 1998 and again in 2005. Now, she's outta there for real. 'They seemed to have the idea that you should still pay top dollar to live in the crumbling fa�ade of what was once a great building. Plumbing was brutal; leaks incessant.'"

So maybe it's a sign of the times; maybe the Uptown economy's slowly going down, down, downhill. Or maybe the project was doomed from the git-go. --Robert Wilonsky

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