A New Coat of Paint: Yet Another Piece of Deep Ellum to Get an Extreme Makeover

Think that whatchamacallit to the right looks like crap? So does the Deep Ellum Foundation, which has been trying to get money from the Farmers Market Tax Increment Financing District to fund a redo of the artwork in the so-called "art park" and Deep Ellum Dog Park along Good Latimer Expressway. Because, look, between the new mural project and the Traveling Man sculptures and the opening of Trees next month and DART's Green Line's bow this fall, well, it's time. And today, DEF president Barry Annino sends word that, yup, they've got the money; so, he wonders, do you have the time (or talent) to give those monoliths a fresh coat of something other than what they got on 'em now? Because that'd be awesome. No, really. Right, Barry?

"Things are really picking up in Deep Ellum, and the foundation sees art as a big part of that," he says in a media release announcing the call for artists. "Art has been and will be important to the neighborhood as it grows. I see artists being a big part of this community in the grand scheme of things." So if you wanna participate with a painting or sculpture, submit a proposal by July 24. Here's the entry form.

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