Courtesy the Alexander Architectural Archive, University of Texas Libraries
Herbert Miller Greene

A New Web Exhibition Celebrates the Dallas Built by Herbert Miller Greene

Directly across from Unfair Park HQ sits the original Parkland Hospital, now home to Crow Holdings after an extensive redo that modernized the building without desecrating it; Herbert Miller Greene, the architect who designed and built Parkland in 1913 with partner James P. Hubbell, would still recognize the building, among the few Dallas structures from that era not replaced by a parking lot. The same cannot be said for another of Greene's building: the former YWCA boarding house on Haskell Avenue, torn down in January 2007 only days after preservationists and city officials learned of its scheduled demolition.

From the late 1800s through the early part of the 20th century, Greene's work, alone and with Hubbell, defined much of Dallas; he's responsible in part for the Dallas News building erected in 1897, the Titche-Goettinger Company store building, Neiman Marcus' downtown HQ, the first Temple Emanu-El and the Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral, among others. And now, courtesy the Architecture and Planning Library at The University of Texas at Austin, you can dig a little further into Greene and Dallas's past: The school has created an extensive Web site, "The Architectural Legacy of Herbert Miller Greene," featuring, among other things,139 images featuring 42 projects for which Greene was responsible in Dallas and throughout the state, including on the UT campus. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.