A-Rod Hits a Home Run

Sorry, Richie -- we thought you were talking about A-Rod's alternative-rock lifestyle.

OK, so some of you aren’t jazzed by Alex Rodriguez visiting a Dallas topless bar three weeks ago. But what if I told you that he frequented, at least twice, a Dallas swingers bar three years ago?

According to multiple eyewitness sources, A-Rod’s pattern of behavior sans wife was in full bloom back in 2004, when he showed up at the Dallas alternative lifestyle club Iniquity. Sources who saw, sat with and talked to A-Rod said the Yankees slugger visited Iniquity -- where “membership is not available to single men” and where “playful behavior between women and couples" is encouraged -- without his wife on May 22 and August 9 of 2004, during trips to play the Texas Rangers.

“He didn’t have bodyguards or anything,” said an Iniquity regular. “I met him in the line for the bathroom. He was real nice. I asked if my wife could come over and meet him, and he was like, 'Sure.' She sat in his lap and talked for a minute or two. It was amazing.”

To be perfectly clear, the sources indicated that A-Rod was merely a spectator and not a player at Iniquity. Still, it’s evident that as early as 2004 his “milk and cookies” image was merely a facade hiding a “MILF and nookies” reality.

Since it takes a nefarious night owl to know one, this certainly isn’t Richie Whitt playing morality police. I’ll let Mrs. A-Rod, Cynthia, do that, and by the looks of it, A-Rod may be out at home. I’m not judging, only reporting. And it’s hard to argue that A-Rod doing his early swinging at a Dallas club isn’t newsworthy. Right? Same as it would be if the celeb spotted in the swingin’ club was Owen Wilson or Tony Romo or Jessica Simpson...or, perhaps, all three. Together. --Richie Whitt

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Robert Wilonsky
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