A Sneak Preview of Oliver Stone's Bush

Yes, that is indeed Josh Brolin as the former co-owner of the Texas Rangers. And, yes, that is indeed Elizabeth Banks as a former Longfellow Elementary School teacher. Entertainment Weekly is graciously providing a sneak peek at this week's cover story, concerning Oliver Stone's W, about a certain former and future Dallas resident, which is currently in production in Louisiana. Best part from my quick scan of the piece: "There's a scene of 26-year-old Bush peeling his car to a stop on his parents' front lawn and drunkenly hurling insults at his father ('Thank you, Mr. Perfect. Mr. War Hero. Mr. F---ing-God-Almighty!'), while another scene set a few years later finds Bush nearly crashing a small plane while flying under the influence." To which Stone later replies, "I'm tired of defending the accuracy of my movies." Can. Not. Wait. --Robert Wilonsky


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