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A Spoon Full of Keven McAlester

Big day for our old pal Keven McAlester, whose his Roky Erickson doc gets a DVD release right about now. Kev, former met-ropolitan and current good human, celebrates with the biggest video currently racking up positive feedback on the blog-o-circuit: Spoon's new "The Underdog" from the out-today Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. Kev says he doesn't mind that the Austin band misspells his name on its MySpace blog. He says, like, maybe it's on purpose or something? So here's "The Underdog," done by our pal with a mighty (and mighty light) touch. It's a clever, funny video -- mariachis and murder, hot damn.

Turns out this is Archibald's fifth video, following shorts made for the New Year ("Disease"), the Old 97's ("In The Satellite Rides a Star"), Rhett Miller ("Fireflies") and some blues man named Robert Belfour ("Pushin My Luck"), who is not related to Eddie, shame. (They're all collected here, along with his bio, which mentions his stint as an "underground deejay," since co-hosting KDGE-FM's "The Adventure Club" is very, like, underground.)

Keven says he got the Spoon gig after he and frontman Britt Daniel met and hit it off; simple as that, so he hopes. "Hopefully that's why and they weren't just desparate," says DJ Kevvy Kev, who's currently "hardcore editing" his next doc, about D&D fetishists and other role-playing gamers. Good for Kev, too, giving up that journalism thing for good, looks like. Lucky sumbitch. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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