A Stone-Cold Disappointment for Downtown Theatergoers

Looks like downtown's losing a small gem: Although it's unlikely the city council will jump in to save the day, a la Urban Market, the Stone Street Theatre (a Best of Dallas-winner) is on the move. And not because its founders want to go, either. Says co-founder Sergio Antonio Garcia, construction in the area is the main culprit.

"We wished we could stay downtown," he tells Unfair Park. "Right now, it's going through so much construction, and it's hindering a lot of businesses. And parking is so bad. The construction has blocked off a lot of the parking."

And perhaps it's just a coincidence, but neighboring gallery-cum-store-cum-venue K�l on Main Street is also closing its doors December 31. It will become an online-only retailer.

Although they wish to stay downtown, Stone Street is toying with the idea of moving to the trendy Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff, but Garcia says there doesn't appear to be the right space to accommodate the theater's needs. In the meantime, they're moving out while at the same time putting on their last two shows. Talk about a juggling act.

For more, this is what Garcia and and co-founder Bryan Hutson have to offer via their MySpace page:

As the year ends so does Stone Street Theatre's free use of the space generously donated to us. Our last show in the space will be this weekend with Bizzaro & Claxton and the wonderful Linda Leonard in two shows...one late Friday night and the other on Saturday. Linda will be on stage with two other amazing artists in their own right, Ricky Pope and Mark Mullino. All of you who have helped us to grow, please make plans to come to the show and help us leave with a bang! (There might even be a free beer in it for you!)

We are currently looking for a new space to continue to allow new and established local artists and performers a venue to try new things and develop new audiences. If you are not busy this Sunday at 10:00 a.m...we need some help in moving everything into storage. Call us if you need more information as to how you can help...469-619-2609.

Please let us know if you have suggestions on how we can keep providing a venue for established as well as new up and coming local artists!

Hats off to all of you for helping to make the Stone Street Theatre the "Best Secret Waiting to Happen"! I guess we will have to find another place to keep that secret! Happy New Year to you all...and come see the show this weekend.

Bryan & Sergio

For updates on the theater's new location and ventures, Garcia said to stay tuned to their Web site. --Rich Lopez

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.