A Texas Child Protective Services Investigator Was Fired for Tweeting About "Nigartards"

The Internet tells us that Rita McShannon wears many hats. She's a small business owner, a real estate agent, an Oath Keeper, and a special investigator with Texas Child Protective Services. She's also, we learned yesterday, an unapologetic racist.

Credit the Texas Observer's Forrest Wilder for catching that last one. He reported on Wednesday that McShannon, using the handle @TexasPeanut, went on something of a Twitter rant during the recent murder trial of George Zimmerman. She's since deleted her Twitter account, so no screengrabs, but Wilder preserved the text of a handful of tweets.

Of course the gov will pursue civil rights charges to appease the nigartards. -- Texas Peanut (@TexasPeanut) July 15, 2013

Every white American needs to own a gun and teach your family gun safety and how to shoot...your family is a target now...it will get worse -- Texas Peanut (@TexasPeanut) July 15, 2013

Trayvon Martin, thug in training, came up against an American gun owner, jumped the wrong person that night, he would have died young anyway -- Texas Peanut (@TexasPeanut) July 15, 2013

I'm really f#cking tired of being politically correct for nothing after all these years! Texas Peanut (@TexasPeanut) July 15, 2013

That the woman managed to squeeze two of the most offensive epithets in modern English into an even more offensive portmanteau is rather industrious, but her bosses at CPS were unimpressed. They were contacted by Wilder about the Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon. By Wednesday morning, she was fired, two days after posting @TexasPeanut's final tweet:

"I'm not racist..I'll kill any color of person who tries to kill me first!"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.