A Wild and Crazy Monday Night? Sure. It's Dan Aykroyd and Vodka.

Not sure what to do on a lame Monday night? It’s cool, you can tell us. Well, thanks to a call from a little PR bird, we just got word that comedy man Dan Aykroyd will be holding court at Martini Park in Plano tonight from 8 to 11 in an effort to pimp his new vodka, Crystal Head. (Fingers crossed we can pour it in the ol’ Bass-O-Matic to make a mean cocktail.)

It’s a meet-n-greet type situation, and normally those things are a little lame, but if you’ve a penchant for $7.50 per bottle hooch (tonight’s special price) and Blues Brothers … or Festrunk brothers … or Ghostbusters … or lots of things involving Dan Aykroyd, then tonight’s event could very well veer toward awesome. Our ubiquitous Patrick Michels will report with photos tomorrow. --Merritt Martin


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