A woman's touch

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Sharon Furrh returns before Dawn and explains that it's no disaster that she missed accepting this particular award. "It's not the big one," she explains, referring to the Best Club award. When she returns to the table, holding the plaque, Rizos says only, "That's not the prize I wanted."

About half an hour later, Shore begins reading the list of nominees for Best Club. Rizos sits quietly, anxiously. Her butterflies are almost contagious. Finally, he announces the winner.

"The Men's Club, Dallas."

A Caligula manager sitting at a nearby table yells, "Bullshit!" For a moment, it appears as though Rizos' eyes are beginning to well up with tears. But perhaps that's just because the room is thick with smoke. She turns and offers a weak smile.

"Do you have to write down that The Men's Club won?" Dawn asks jokingly.

Nick smirks and grunts: "We'll get 'em next year."

After that, some former Miss Nude Galaxy takes the stage and begins undressing. It's time to go home.

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