Adios, Silver City on Stemmons. Hello, Sprawling "Complex" of, Ya Know, Adult Clubs.

Rick's Cabaret -- last seen slugging it out with then-Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief and American Airlines over that topless club on the south side of Dallas-Fort Worth International -- is about to make it rain all up and down Stemmons, near Mockingbird. Per its morning heads-up, the Houston-based chain of gents' joints is about to stuff $12 million in ones into the respective G-strings of Silver City's owners (Michael and Mary Mantas, operating as "Adelphi Group") and another nearby property owner whose lot's already been granted a sexually oriented business license (to kill). Says Rick's full release, it's got big, big, big plans -- a whole complex's worth.

Said Eric Langan, President and CEO of Rick's Cabaret: "We are very enthusiastic about the potential to develop the Silver City location at 7501 North Stemmons Freeway near Love Field, which will become a great entertainment and retail destination. Only 14,000 square feet of the 54,000 square foot building is currently in use and we will develop the rest to include a Tootsie's-style Knockers Sports Bar and an after-hours nightclub. The Silver City Cabaret, after we have rebranded it, will become an important part of the terrific complex of clubs we have assembled in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex."

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