Ah, Here's That Stash of Old Downtown Farmers Market-Area Photos We Almost Forgot About

You probably forgot -- I know I did -- but late last year we ran this old photo of the downtown farmers market courtesy City Archivist John Slate, who'd told us about 'em last summer and about how the giant stack was being sent to the University of North Texas Libraries' Portal to Texas History for digital archiving. Like I said: I forgot all about it. Till this afternoon, that is, when I was looking for something about the market for something else I working on.

At some point, I landed on the Portal to Texas History's site -- where, sure enough, there's page after page after page of old farmers market photos dating from the '40s to the '70s, with some clearly more recent than others. I could pick out any number of photos to highlight -- like the one at top featuring the legendary Burt's Cafe, which sat on Taylor Street long enough that I vaguely recall my grandfather taking me there in the '70s. (Sure enough.) And you coulda stayed at the Don Hotel.

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