Ah, Terrell Bolton, Those Were Good Times. Good Times.

When Terrell Bolton got forced out as Chief of Police in Dallas, there was a certain amount of heart-bleeding among persons who saw his fate as somehow tragic. Maybe he was elevated too rapidly, they said. You know, like maybe he didn’t have enough oxygen in his head. And so on.

I myself confess to having worried about whether or not he got a fair shake. Not worried a lot, but a little. So, every once in a while, just to reassure myself that we were damn lucky to have shaken that wingnut loose when we did, I go look at the blogs in Georgia, where he is now Police Commandant of DeKalb County or some such. Or I go look at the YouTube channel maintained by "dekalbofficers."

Man o’ live. Talk about destiny repeating itself. --Jim Schutze


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