Alamo Drafthouse's Tim League on Love For Bottle Rocket, Need to Save "Landmark" Motel

Found this in the in-box: a few words from Alamo Drafthouse CEO and founder Tim League, who wanted to explain why he decided to add Bottle Rocket to its Rolling Roadshow revue, which has taken iconic Texas-made films to the towns in which they were filmed. The series, which was around North Texas last week, wraps this week and next in Marfa and Archer City, and as we noted last week, the Alamo opted to add Bottle Rocket as a last-minute addition to piggyback on Andy Carl Valentin and Chris Durbin's efforts to save the Hillsboro motel where some of Wes Anderson and Luke and Owen Wilson's debut was shot.

League's a man of few words. They are:

"Bottle Rocket may very well be my favorite comedy of all time and is the only movie that has caused me physical pain from laughing. The Alamo Drafthouse will do anything we can do to help preserve the 'Bottle Rocket Motel,' which from my perspective is one of the greatest Texas film landmarks."

Valentin and Durbin are shooting the event for a doc for their website, Reservoir Geeks, which is where you'll now find a page devoted to the event. Tours of the motel will be given; but, remember, bring your own adult beverages. And a swimsuit: The mostly made-in-Dallas movie, says the hotel, will likely be screened by the pool. Hustle, because rooms are (finally) beginning to book up. But there are some left.

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