All Covered Up

In the paper version of Unfair Park last week I had a little something to say about little d musician Daniel Folmer's latest release Wear Headphones. I gotta say, I like Folmer -- from his handwritten letters to his "Hey, so, this is who I am" songwriting style. He's no-bullshit and bare-bones without lacking sensitivity or accessibility. He's also got an appreciation for fine songwriting from his fellow D-FW-D artists (and damn, something about artists respecting each others' creativity just makes us all warm inside). In fact, Folmer doesn't limit his covers to national, or "famous," folk; he covers local artists. And with 22 songs on his latest album alone, it's not like he really needs the extra material. But we're glad he's got it. Check out this gem: Folmer's rendition of pianist-singer-songwriter Sean Kirkpatrick's "No Offense, My Defender."

Kirkpatrick's original can be found here -- as well as at Club Dada from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. tonight, and each Thursday in December, as the slim and somber musician fills the role of Listening To:'s artist-in-residence. Rumor has it -- K, fine, he told us -- he might be joining headliner Astronautalis on some songs later this evening during Dada's Boca Birthday Bash benefiting Bryan's House (a lot of alliteration...). Dave Little, Will E. Lee, I Heart Trouble and Shibboleth fill in the gap between.

Keep checking back at Kirkpatrick's page very soon, as tracks from his upcoming album (tenatively titled Turn On the Interference, and featuring the occasional lick from Kris Youmans, Bobby Weaver, Jeff Ryan and Paul Slavens) will be appearing. --Merritt Martin

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.