This is our friend Shane. He got into the WSOP after winning La Riata. The guy's adorable, isn't he?

All In

If you need to find me tomorrow around, oh, 3 p.m., I'll be here: playing poker at the La Riata Gala & Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament at Union Station. The thing ain't cheap, but, of course, it's for a great cause, which is Children's Medical Center and the pediatric programs at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. There's also a gala and dinner and other casino-style gambling; of course, things like that ain't kosher in Texas, so there'll be no big payout of prizes. Our pal Shane Keller bested a field of 306 for a seat at the World Series of Poker two years ago, back when you could get away with it; now, there's only big money forked over to those estimable causes.

As our good pal Dan Michalski points out over at Pokerati, "La Riata is hurting a bit for players this year. It's not so clear that they'll be able to raise even $100k. Another example of Texas children being punished by Texas' inability to allow any sort of legal poker involving money and prizes." So do stop by and say hi. Of course, we do hear there will be a jalepeno martini bar; dunno what it means, but I do so look forward to finding out. --Robert Wilonsky

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