All Together Now: DOMA! DOMA!

So, you wanna know how to get into the 74th Annual Dallas Observer Music Awards. It's simple: Just show up to the Granada Theater well before 8 p.m. on August 14, and a ticket will be waiting for you at will call. Yes, you. But, see, that assumes we won't run out between now and next Tuesday. So to be on the safe side, you might wanna slide by CD World, either the Addison or Greenville Ave. location, and pick up a ticket today. (Tomorrow's fine too.) Or just swing by Unfair Park HQ, where they're up for grabs at the front desk. Two per pick-up, please.

You can also get the tix at the Dallas Observer Music Awards showcase Saturday night on Lower Greenville, beginning at 6 p.m.; they'll be available at all the night's venues, the full list of which is after the jump, along with the night's complete -- and completely impressive -- schedule. For the showcase, of course, you'll need a wristband, also available at Unfair Park HQ or at the venues Saturday night for a whopping five bucks. Oh, and the wristband will get you into the Music Awards ceremony as well. Because, see, we want you there. And you will want to be there. Here's a taste of what you can expect. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus MP3:

Kim Pendleton and Shibboleth, "I See the Light" (Five Americans cover)

Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase Schedule Saturday Night, beginning at 6 p.m.

Billiard Bar

6 p.m.: Mad Mexicans 7 p.m.: Hey Hollywood 8 p.m.: Exit 380 9 p.m.: Baboon 10 p.m.: Max Cady 11 p.m.: Mitra

The Cavern

6 p.m.: Doug Burr 7 p.m.: Smile Smile 8 p.m.: Faux Fox 9 p.m.: Radiant 10 p.m.: The Frenz 11 p.m.: Marc Solomon


6 p.m.: Enormous Magic Verb 7 p.m.: Johnny Lloyd Rollins 8 p.m.: The Slack 9 p.m. Salim Nourallah 10 p.m. Inner City All Stars 11 p.m.: Sorta

Greenville Avenue Public House

6 p.m.: Carmen Rodgers 7 p.m. Money Waters 8 p.m.: J.D. Whittenburg 9 p.m.: The Valentines 10 p.m.: Steve Austin 11 p.m.: Von Ehrics

Suede Bar

6 p.m. Tame ... Tame & Quiet 7 p.m. Sarah Jaffe 8 p.m.: Common Folk 9 p.m.: Rose County Fair 10 p.m. Maren Morris 11 p.m.: The Theater Fire

What? Bar

6 p.m.: Fishing for Comets 7 p.m.: Killdares 8 p.m.: Calhoun 9 p.m.: THe BAcksliders 10 p.m. Shanghai 5 11 p.m. PPT

Dallas Observer Music Awards Ceremony August 14, Granada Theater

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.