Los Lobos will perform tonight at the Dallas Museum of Art. For free. No, you get outta here. We mean it.

All We Want To Do Is Dance

Friday doesn't necessarily translate into payday for all of the city's peeps with no plans. Which is why we love the Dallas Museum of Art. Tonight, the downtown art mecca offers a little melody in addition to its outdoor look-prettys with a free concert by East El Lay legends Los Lobos. Sure, their major-label debut How Will the Wolf Survive? was one of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, and they covered the famously catchy "La Bamba" (the Spanish-language single that hit Numero Uno on the U.S. charts—a rarity). We knew that. Sheesh. But, last month the group also won the Producers Guild of America Award for Diversity, which was presented to the Lobos by Benicio Del Toro, and earlier this year released a best-of called Wolf Tracks, which follows most recently a live disc, an acoustic disc and 2004's The Ride featuring Elvis Costello, Tom Waits and Lobos' longtime producer T-Bone Burnett. Of course, we're not expecting that bad-ass triumverate to show, but who needs 'em anyway; the band puts on one hell of a show all by its Los Lonesome. And did we mention it's free? What Grammy-winning group plays an outdoor concert for free? Can't think of one, hunh?

The show starts at 8 p.m. And just think, if only temporarily your thoughts will be filled of high-energy music as well as Spanish and English words that most likely do not include "Wade," "Shaq," "loss," "immasculating defense" or "Look at that, three of our guys ended up on the floor in one play." Now that's art benefiting a city. --Merritt Martin

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