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An Early Look at Gary Cole Trashing the Elbow Room From This Friday Night's Good Guys

I finally watched Friday's Good Guys last night, and the missus was not pleased. "Still?" she said. "Really?" Civic pride, I guess. I shrugged. She rolled her eyes and went to watch Jets-Vikings in another room. Far as you know. Anyway. There was one upshot to fast-forwarding through the ep -- a brief teaser for this week's show, which introduces us to Frank Savage, the oft-talked-about ex-partner of Bradley Whitford's Dan Stark. Finally. Right, Howard?

Still, I'd hoped Frank's appearance would be in flashback form -- a clip from Savage and Stark, maybe. Not so much. It's present-day stuff, with Rachael Harris apparently reprising her role from The Hangover. Whatever. It's Gary Cole. That'll do. I'm in for at least one more week. Now back to these TPS reports ...

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Robert Wilonsky
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