Just Launched a New Ad Campaign">

"An Expression of Life": The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Just Launched a New Ad Campaign

Looking for something entirely unrelated on YouTube moments ago, I came across three videos just posted by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra -- and by "just posted," I mean "20 minutes ago," says DSO manager of publications Chris Shull. They're part of the DSO's "new branding campaign," he says, which will steer away from performance-specific ads and attempt to attract a wider audience.

The spots were created by The Richards Group and initially launched on radio in late January and in print mid-February. Long story short, Shull tells Unfair Park: "The idea behind it is the Dallas Symphony Orchestra is a central part of life and we're the central part of the arts here in Dallas-Fort Worth, and there's a connection there. It's not separate from everyday life." The rebranding, of course, comes two months after Bill Lively was introduced as the incoming president of the DSO -- a gig he assumes, at least part-time, beginning this very Friday, matter o' fact.

Two more clips -- titled, respectively, "The Morning Commute" and "Getting Out of Bed" -- follow. Shull says more are in production.

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