An Observer Photographer Discovers a "Wasteland" of Trash Along White Rock Creek

Observer contributor Dylan Hollingsworth was out at White Rock Creek yesterday shooting his nieces Autumn Hollingsworth and Chassidy Levassuer when he came across this -- "a wasteland of debris," as he put it when we spoke this afternoon. This is the spot: Goforth Road, only a few yards from the White Rock Stables.

This morning, Dylan posted a series of photos from yesterday's fetid field trip to his Facebook page, labeled as "Some Kind of Sad." And the response, he says, was remarkable -- before long, folks began circulating the photos (Brother Bill Holston shot me the first photo you see after the jump), and Sarah Fulk and Carissa Byers quickly began organizing a clean-up effort scheduled to begin Sunday at 3 p.m. Though, be warned: "The photographs alone don't tell the entire story," says Dylan. (Nevertheless, I went ahead and sent 'em to some folks at Dallas City Hall -- like Park and Rec head Paul Dyer and Mary Suhm.) Bring your rubbers. More photos on the other side, with a slide show here. Watch where you step.

Update at 4:40 p.m.: I sent the city manager this item as soon as I posted it. Suhm replied, moments ago, that she is passing along the information to Kris Sweckard, director of the Office of Environmental Quality, and Errick Thompson, head of Stormwater Management. The two of them, she says, will "get involved."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.