"An Off-The-Hook Celebration for These Hotties ..."

Yeah -- that headline's a direct quote from a press release that has landed in our in-box, something to do with Your Newly Installed City Council Members. Or "SEXIEST BARTENDERS," one or the other. No, sexy bartenders it is:

"Spike's SEXIEST BARTENDERS is back and thirsty for the world's most refreshing beer! Spike has been on a mission to find the sexiest bartenders in DALLAS and we have narrowed it down to the top 8 finalists!

Come out and meet the top eight SEXIEST BARTENDERS from your area on Friday, August 3rd at Public House on Greenville Avenue from 9PM-11PM! It will be an off-the-hook celebration for these hotties and you are invited to come out and party with them."

Paging Girl on Top. --Robert Wilonsky


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