An SMU Professor Tells the U.K. the Harrowing History of Its Harassment Act

In this morning's Guardian, SMU distinguished professor of history Edward Countryman -- an author of several books, many having to do with the American Revolution -- writes about how corporations in England are using a harassment law there to "stifle legitimate protest." Which wasn't the point of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. At all. And he knows of which he writes:

I write as the spouse of the woman who brought the act about, Evonne Powell-Von Heussen. Evonne is not a lawyer (though she has aided victims in a number of cases). She has no corporate connections. She is a black British woman who herself endured a horrific stalking experience over 17 years, including being attacked and held captive by her stalker, and who acted when a potentially violent stalker pursued her 15-year-old daughter.

Needless to say, Countryman doesn't appreciate how Big Business is interpreting and applying the law. --Robert Wilonsky


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