And In Other News, a Dallas PD Officer Pulls Driver From Burning Cadillac on Tollway

To wrap a long night, this just in from the Dallas Police Department:

Tonight at 7:35 p.m. Dallas Police Officer William Shumpert was traveling northbound on the Dallas North Tollway when he witnessed an older model Cadillac stalled in a lane of travel. Before he could close down the lane of traffic, a second vehicle collided into the rear of the stalled vehicle. This sent the stalled Cadillac into the center retaining wall, where it burst into flames.

Officer Shumpert stopped his patrol car and ran to the burning vehicle, where he had to break out the drivers window with his hand to get the driver out of the vehicle. Dallas Fire and Rescue responded and put the vehicle out and treated all parties involved. Officer Shumpert returned to duty as if nothing had happened!

DPS is investigating the accident will be able to tell the conditions of the occupants of both vehicles. This is all the information I have tonight.

Senior Corporal Kevin Janse adds Shumpert's car "did not have dash cam capability," and says perhaps the Texas Department of Transportation's cameras may have witnessed the rescue. More to come tomorrow, he says. The officer, at present, "does not wish to give any interviews."

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