And OMG He's So HAWT

There are a lot of things changing in the world of journalism these days. Craigslist is striking fear into the heart of ad sales people, newspapers have to have fancy online presences to compete, and reporters are spending as much time online as they are at the courthouse tracking down sources.

I wasn't getting very far with the courthouse bit while working on my news story this week about 23-year-old champion fake ID maker Jeremy Johnson. Then it dawned on me: What 23-year-old doesn't have a MySpace page? It was almost too easy. Johnson's profile page is tastefully decorated with penguins, and on it he notes that he has "always been a hopeless romantic." Nothing specific about his third-degree felony conviction or that pesky seven years of probation, but that's understandable. It might turn off all the hawt SMU laydeez that leave him comments. --Andrea Grimes

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