And You Think We're Obsessed With Angela Hunt

I know people accuse Unfair Park of being the Angela Hunt Fan Club on occasion, but of late I have decided it’s The Dallas Morning News that is Anglea Hunt-obsessed. Last November, on the day after the big defeat of the Trinity River toll road referendum, Rudy Bush did a big piece on whether or not she was dead. Politically.

Seemed awfully unlikely to me, given how young she is, but then Rudy Bush is young too. Sometimes the young are overly dramatic.

Then in a blog item last March, City Hall reporter Dave Leventhal wondered whether she will run for mayor. Then, a few days ago, political reporter Gromer Jeffers wondered in print if she will run for county judge in the Democratic primary against Jim (“I am an accident”) Foster. Jeffers mentioned, as they tend to do over there, that she has very high name recognition.

And that’s what worries them.

I think these up-bubblings of postulation about Hunt over there at The Snooze are an expression of the establishment’s itchy feelings about her -- a general unease verging on dread. Maybe even night terrors.

No wonder. After all, from nowhere she came. But she came within a whisker of blowing up the centerpiece of the Old Money’s plan for making new money in the next 50 years -- the Trinity River toll road.

I do think they dream about her at night. Not pleasantly. And I like that. I would want to encourage more of it. More unease. More dread. So I want to start my own Angela Hunt rumor, because I like the way these rumors seem to be a torment for the comfortable.

I am starting a rumor that if Barack Obama is elected president, he’s going to put Angela Hunt in charge of the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas. Nah .. that’s not a scary enough rumor.

I am starting a rumor -- you read it here first -- that Angela Hunt is going to be the new U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas and that she’s already talking about launching a big investigation of newspaper circulation fraud. Nah. That’s not it. Forget all that stuff.

You know what rumor I would like to start? Recently this really wealthy prominent citizen who lives in the Park Cities was parked on Turtle Creek real late at night with his mistress, and they heard this scraping sound at the back of the car, and you know what it was? Oh my gaaaawd! It was Angela Hunt, and she had on a red dress, and she had a hook for a hand!!! And guess what else she had? Oh my gaaaawd!! She had incredibly high name recognition!!!!

She’s out there somewhere. We just never know where or when she will appear. Or shall I say…. YOU just never know. And YOU know who YOU are. --Jim Schutze

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.