Angela Hunt Says She's Going to Ask Mary Suhm to "Investigate" 311 iPhone App

Speaking of the city and technological advancements involving one's talking box ...

This morning on her ever-active Web site, Angela Hunt wonders why in the heck Dallas doesn't have an iPhone app that lets residents "snap photos of nuisances and code violations and send them off to city hall (geo-tagged, no less)." Because, hey, if it's good enough for Pittsburgh, it's good enough for Dallas. Besides, she writes, such an app would come in handy when you're down $190 million: "With our city's budget cuts, anything we can do to make city services run more efficiently is welcome, especially when the City Manager has proposed cutting 311 from 24 hours/day to 7am-7pm daily." Then again, says one co-worker, "Well, sure, either that, or they could just fix the streets."

Hunt has also uploaded photos and videos from her trip to Long Beach, where she and other Dallas reps couldn't convince the National Fraternal Order of Police to bring their nightsticks to town for their 2013 confab. After the jump, just because, Hunt's presentation to the FOP.

2009.08.19 - Fraternal Order of Police Dallas 2013 Presentation (Part 2 - Angela Hunt) from Angela Hunt on Vimeo.

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