Anna Fermanova's Still in Plano, But the Husband? He's in Moscow. Has Been Since '07.

Several Friends of Unfair Park have asked: What the what does Anna Fermanova's husband do, anyhow? Good question -- especially since Fermanova's attorney, Scott Palmer, says those three high-priced, high-powered scopes she was caught taking to Russia were for a friend of her husband's so he could get his big-game hunting on.

Well, says Palmer, "I've been told he's in currency exchange, and before that he was importing used cars from America." But he hasn't lived in the U.S. and A. since 2007, the attorney says: He was deported to Moscow on a green-card violation. "That's my understanding. I don't have any details."

The Smoking Gun, which first broke the story of Fermanova's house arrest in Plano pending a court date in NYC, says otherwise in its most recent update: According to testimony offered at a detention hearing in Dallas federal court on July 15, says the site, "Fermanova's husband was arrested in New York for fraud and identity theft and subsequently deported to Russia." Palmer -- who was hired to represent Fermanova two hours before that hearing -- disputes that.

"I do not believe he was deported because of the things The Smoking Gun says," he tells Unfair Park. "It was an immigration issue."

Palmer says the 24-year-old Fermanova is still married to her dearly deported: "She sees him when she's over there. She lives there with him and comes to visit her family." Truth is, says Palmer, Fermanova probably spends about "three-quarters of the time in Russia," where she's said to teach English, and the rest in and around Dallas.

Palmer also offers this sneak preview: He's set to appear on CBS's The Early Show tomorrow, talking about his client. He was supposed to do both the CBS show and Good Morning America today. But he was bumped by that rampaging grizzly.

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